Woman on a swing on the tropical beach of Tulum

Beach Cenotes Lagunas

Tulum is known for its wide beach, white sand and clear blue water. Also, you can enjoy the cenotes around, underground or open air. And last but not least, there are some wonderful lagoons, not that famous so not often crowded.

Restaurants - beach club

Parties - Events

Mexican stew tacos 'guisados'

All flavours

Best tacos in town and so many good restaurants to try


Margarita on the beach

Having an amazing moment at the beach

Friends at music festival

Party as you want

Dancing classes, international music, jungle or beach party

Tulum has a lots of offers

For reservations or tickets, contact your host

Sian ka'an

luxury excursion

Fresh lobster &

fish of the day

As Sian Ka'an is a bit fare of everything, your meal will be provied by Sol Caraibe hotel. Everything is fresh and you can order from the fishing of the day

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Aesthetic washi tape
Aesthetic washi tape

1 or 2 nights in paradise

Let's plan a night or a Week-end in the BIosphere of sian Ka'an. You will stay in mexicain hotel wake up with beach view

4 or 8 hours to visit the biosphere and the reef

We are booking for you a boat trip all around Punta Allen. You will have the opportunity to see dolphins, turtles and Bird's Island. sWim in the Reef and in natural caribean pool

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Fitness & wellness

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Workout at the beach

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Yoga & Wellness classes

Why not enjoying the sun rise with a Private body weight session with your host ?

Tulum has so many offers for all type of yoga, also breath working, natural medecines or ice bath, in the jungle or beach option.

How to move around ?

Bike Line Art

Cars, bike, moto, atv renting

Regarding how long you are staying, your budget and your needed, we can book reservation for you at the best price.

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Taxis can be expensive. We are working with a company that can send you cars all the time to ensure you have a safe and affordable trip.

Here is the number of Daniel, our trusty taxi driver: tell them Carla's reference

+52 984 165 8564

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Photographing Tulum